FreshPass Wi-Fi.

Fast Simple Secure.

Have your visitors scan a unique QR code to join the network. Within two prompts on their device they will be securely joined to your network.

Depending on your vendors features balanced with your needs it's simple to generate and expire login credentials on your terms.

Simply Get your visitors on and off the network and secure their data.

Our Integrations

Cisco Meraki

Cisco Meraki

Hook us into your Cloud Controller in return you get the tools to rotate your guest network password at a frequency you choose. Identity PSK under active development

Extreme - Aerohive

Extreme - Aerohive

Issue your PPSK keys on your terms. The true pioneers of Privacy together with FreshPass deploy keys anywhere the browser goes. Fast Simple & Secure

Juniper Mist

Juniper Mist

Mist built the first AI-driven wireless platform, designed specifically for the Smart Device Era. AI in an advanced cloud is a perfect complement for FreshPass.

We are in active development with all major Vendors. Please contact us for our latest products

Our Services

Scalable SAAS

FreshPass is a “software as a service” Web Application. It will work in any modern web browser. FreshPass is optimized to run on a modern device of your choice.

Professional Services

We offer professional configuration services at affordable rates if you don’t have a dedicated IT Team. If you are the Team we are ready to engage and give you support and access to our setup guides. Please contact us, we are happy to evaluate your needs.

Easy Admin

Simplify your guest administration, don’t store any client Personal Data. Build a branded push button network access experience. Sit back and let FreshPass handle the day in, day out guest network tasks. Expire credentials at a time you decide. 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week or 1 year.

About FreshPass

Message from the founder of FreshPass:
For the last 20 years I have been enabling clients, join, leverage and enjoy internet based technologies over three contents in multiple spoken languages. I have worked on computer systems moving from front to backend development, supported servers, client endpoints and networks from single clients to enterprise of +1500 devices.


Over 12 years of Wi-Fi experience and Vendor neutral certifications (CWNP) we understand your network from inside out. We design and build robust solutions, FreshPass is our Flagship App. Guest On-Boarding done right

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Security First

We Built FreshPass with Security in mind. How to leverage Wi-Fi vendors to create the best user experience. Sharing passwords for Wi-fi is not safe and the risks are too high in today’s uncertain security landscape.

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In Service

We build and support modern solutions. Support, Privacy and Security are the solid foundations we have continued to build upon and remain committed to for our clients and their systems.

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Latest Post

Cisco Meraki IPSK

Ready to Roll. FreshPass is ready to rotate your normal PSK passwords on a timely basis, a day a week a month, Flexible FreshPass is easy to deploy.

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Extreme Aerohive

While 802.1X is still the most secure authentication method for enterprise Wi-Fi, it’s often difficult to deploy and configure, hard to troubleshoot, and not ideal for IoT devices.

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NXTWORK2019 Juniper Event

NXTWORK Japan will introduce our latest strategies, products and solutions at the annual conference hosted by Juniper Networks, Inc.

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Our Plans

Free Starter

$0/ month

  • Digital Post-it
  • Static QR page
  • Create your Wi-Fi QR
  • Email Delivery
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$45/ month

  • Branding
  • Dynamic QR page
  • Yearly Pricing Discounts
  • 24/7 Tech Support
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$Call/ month

  • Full Branding
  • Dynamic QR page
  • Custom Doamin
  • Yearly Pricing Discounts
  • 24/7 Tech Support

We offer Education and Non Profit discounts. Please reach out for further details.

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Tokyo, Japan
Phone: 81-422-26-6557