A day at the office

Sharing the wifi password with a guest seems a very innocent gesture, and in most cases it is. Wifi has become the second item to offer any visitor after offering refreshment. Wifi is everywhere and sometimes we just don’t think about how we get on the network or who we are sharing the network with.
If you wander in to a small town office chances are they might have an Apple Base station or something consumer level. You can be guaranteed if you return in a month or two you not going to have to ask for the password again.
Changing passwords on a regular basis is cumbersome and inconvenient, and nobody want to do it! Perhaps they can’t change the password, due to vendor availability. In many way Wifi is evolving we hear the next alphabet soup will be the best fastest thing ever, but that’s where it stops. the small coffee shop isn’t going to have the resources to keep swapping out devices or update passwords.

Where we see real change is with the event of cloud controllers, yes mainly enterprise but still accessible to the SMB level a coffee shop restaurant should have the budget to offer a better class of wifi and using FreshPass they can offer a Fast Simple and Secure method get the visitor, client on the network.

With the use of an API FreshPass is going to talk to your Access Points and update the password on a regally basis. Better still if you are using Aerohive Access points everyone get their own password using PPSK
this is really the best security on offer today. the Network traffic is encrypted using a unique passcode generated for that user. 

FreshPass is also a Web App so where ever you can run a web browser you can run FreshPass and get on the network.