Passwords are a Problem

As much as we try, passwords are not going away anytime soon. Wifi networks have been a favorite target as in many respects they are a weak link when we compare to a traditional network.
From the past mistakes of WEP and now WPA2 we are now seeing the new WPA3 also becoming a target of interest. See the Bleeping Computer writeup

WPA3 is the moment that the WiFi alliance are hoping to take us down the path of no passwords. quoting from the Bleeping piece

WPA3 uses Wi-Fi Device Provisioning Protocol (DPP) instead of shared passwords to sign up new devices to the network, a protocol which allows users to scan QR codes or NFC tags to log devices onto the wireless network. Additionally, unlike WPA2, all network traffic will be encrypted after connecting to a network which uses WPA3 WiFi Security.

Something about past efforts from the alliance lead many to not trust this latest rev.

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