FreshPass | Secure Wi-Fi Networks

This tablet makes an Ideal FreshPass Display.
Start by putting this device on your network and permanent power adjusting the settings to have a no display sleep would be a consideration.

Your network design would be important as this tablet needs to reach the internet and perhaps shouldn’t be on the same network you are delivering credentials for.

It’s best to leave the settings as close to factory settings as possible. Do not link a google account, you don’t need any app installs to use FreshPass, use google chrome, see below on how to add the app to the home screen.

With Its price of around $230 means that some feature and quality trade-offs are unavoidable.
We are recommending this device for the sole use of running out web App. you should read other reviews on this device so you can full understand the value of the device and features or lack of them. The cameras are very low quality so we can’t recommend this as a day to day on the move media device. The comparatively small internal storage of just 32 GB, which can be expanded via microSD card but only for storing media files, not apps.

Huawei 10.1 inch MediaPad, T5 10, Tablet

Huawei 10.1 inch MediaPad, T5 10

FreshPass has its own Web App icon so using the “add to home screen” is recommended as it will then run in Full screen Mode.

Add to home screen

Now you can launch from the home screen, the App then displays full screen, no address bar is visible.