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Aerohive PPSK – FreshPass

Aerohive’s unique authentication method, Private PSK, provides simple and secure access for all users and devices, without requiring complex certificate installation or device configurations. Every device on the network can be identified and policed through unique credentials

Having a fresh password everyday is a step forward in security. Being able to deliver that password quickly and discreetly is key for many organizations. FreshPass addresses and solves both.

Quickly, we talk directly to the Hivemanger API (Cloud Controller). The request is placed and parsed though the FreshPass App to give you a fresh PPSK key at the push of a button. Discreetly, by default the password is only generating a QR-code no visible password is displayed. The QR-Code is faded out to a level where it can no longer recognized by the scanning device.

FreshPass is built on a security focused web framework therefore you are able to run on any modern web browser, on a tablet, laptop or even a phone. 

Our interface is clean, it isn’t about collecting visitor information, it’s about getting them on the network in a simple, safe efficient way.

Deployed on a tablet at a reception is a typical usage scenario. FreshPass can run on any  Android or iOS devices, they only need to run a browser and be connected to a network with an internet connection

The credentials are created and displayed in the form of a QR-code. A QR-code reader is now native in Apple’s iOS since version 11. Simply open your camera and point at the QR-code. You will need 2 taps to complete the process and join the network.
Android devices have the ability to scan natively but is not enabled by default, alternatively they can install one of the many available readers from the Google play store.

PPSK Private pre-shared keys.
Aerohive have a truly winning formula. When everyone on the network has their own key to encrypt traffic it’s a real step up on the security ladder.

Private PSKs are unique pre-shared keys created for individuals or groups of users on the same SSID.
All the information on this amazing feature is available here on the Aerohive site.