Extreme Aerohive


While 802.1X is still the most secure authentication method for enterprise Wi-Fi, it’s often difficult to deploy and configure, hard to troubleshoot, and not ideal for IoT devices. The alternative is WPA2 shared keys – but they’re not enterprise grade. So what’s the answer? Private Pre-Shared Key (PPSK) security.

First introduced by the former Aerohive brand, PPSK was a ground breaking step forward in personal data security. Guests are delivered unique keys, thereby eliminating the risk of one guest eavesdropping on another. Using FreshPass to generate those credentails Much simpler than loading up a captive web portal and entering a username and password.

FreshPass can manage your guests Wi-Fi experience and deliver that PPSK (password) in a Fast, Simple Secure way. FreshPass will generate credentials and get your guests on the network without collecting private data. In a mater of 3 taps guests are on the network and will never need to know the password.

Some of the compelling reasons to implement Private PSK’s.
1000’s of unique Pre-Shared Keys per user or device within a single SSID.
Customizable security policies per PPSK group including VLAN assignment, time of day access, bandwidth allocation, and firewall settings
Revoke a single key without affecting the rest of the network.
Time-based key validity for guest access
Remove the need for a multistep guest portal.

FreshPass and Extreme Systems are tightly integrated and with simple setup and controls you can provide a cost effective solution to offer guests peace of mind that their privacy and security are taken seriously.