Juniper Mist Multi-PSK


Juniper is pioneering the new wireless network. The first AI-driven WLAN makes Wi-Fi predictable, reliable, and measurable while delivering amazing indoor location experiences.

For most guest networks, Hotels, Coffee shops, Airports, use a single network with one password shared for all guests. This creates a big security issue, as your traffic can be be decrypted and eavesdropped upon.

Juniper Mist developed secure Multi-PSK, this feature supports multiple PSKs (Passwords) simultaneously on a single SSID (network). Security is enhanced as each user is provided a unique key to encrypt data. The security risk is reduced and your traffic is secured.

FreshPass can manage your guests Wi-Fi experience and deliver that MPSK (password) in a Fast, Simple Secure way. FreshPass will generate credentials and get your guests on the network without collecting private data. In a mater of 3 taps guests are on the network and will never need to know the password.

FreshPass and Juniper Systems are tightly integrated and with simple setup and controls you can provide a cost effective solution to offer guests peace of mind that their privacy and security are taken seriously.

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