NXTWORK2019 Juniper Event


NXTWORK Japan will introduce our latest strategies, products and solutions at the annual conference hosted by Juniper Networks, Inc.

FreshPass Official Wi-Fi Sponsor, enabling the Juniper Mist API.

The juniper partner event was a great success, FreshPass debut event was a met with enthusiastic and curious visitors from all verticals in the industry. Our Web App performed with a flawless results on a stable platform.

Using the Mist API FrashPass was able to deliver unique MPSK credentials to event participants, a diverse collection of devices android and iOS were no challenge with simple instructions we were able to create and remove the MPSK‘s on a time based schedule.

FreshPass would like to acknowledge the Juniper Marketing team for a well organized and seamless event.

The the full details and event higlights here: https://www.juniper.jp/nxtwork2019japan