FreshPass | Secure Wi-Fi Networks

Meraki Admin Guide

FrashPass is designed to work only on your wifi devices.

FreshPass has your security as a priority, we suggest the following recommendation when connecting your Meraki system to FreshPass.

Best Practices 

Make a separate account to use with FreshPass. Each user in Meraki has an individual API key. 

This account needs to have readonly rights at the organization level. 

Meraki Networks

Meraki have 2 methods for managing devices, in a combined network or a single network for each type of hardware.

You can create a network with multiple types of Meraki hardware (Combined hardware) or a network for one type of hardware. You can combine, split, and delete networks by going to Organization > Overview and expanding the table over the map.

If you use “Combined Hardware networks” with multiple locations it will not be possible to rotate the password at all locations. If this is required then the “non” combined Meraki configuration method is needed. It is a simple process to “split” the network. 

 The goal is to restrict your FreshPass Admin to only have wireless access.

When you proceed through the setup FreshPass will read in your Meraki network settings. You can choose the SSID on which you want to rotate the password.

Next, at what time is the new password applied, for example midnight in your time zone. At midnight the process will start the new password is generated, a call is made through the API, if all checks balance the password will be applied. An email is sent with the QR code and a link to your page. Should any systems error occur then the password will remain unchanged, an email detailing the issue will be sent. 

All of these steps can be guided if you have opted for setup support. Other available options to have this fully setup by our Team, Please competed our sign up process an assigned agent will coordinate and setup your FreshPass with your Meraki hardware.

To change any settings you can run the wizard at anytime