About FreshPass

  • Saturday, Mar 7, 2020

Certification Administration

I have a long relationship with Wi-Fi, I gained certification in administration and security. I designed and deployed for large and small organizations. After Seeing many variations of how networks are secured and how guests are joined, with this in mind I created FreshPass. I saw it solved a particular problem in the simplest of ways.

No Data

Not collecting user data seems to be the smartest way to go. Seeing how today data privacy is a major player on every App Platform, I wanted to get clients on and off the network without asking for any data, and keeping their traffic private while they are on the network is my top priority. FreshPass did not invent this, we are only leveraging what the Vendors have opened up in their API’s.

Cloud based Wi-fi

FreshPass is a Cloud Native App and works with Cloud based API enabled Wi-fi controllers. This evolution has progressed in leaps and bounds in the last few years, plus the open minded vendors opening up thier platform was a real step forward to enabling the creation of my SaaS FreshPass.

Our Model

Software as a Service SaaS can often seem remote and automated, we handle every customer Individually and build our relationship to understand all unique business needs.

For the Enterprise

Although Enterprise level of wi-fi hardware is still perhaps out of reach for a lot of small businesses FreshPass is committed to Further developing systems that cover all levels of scale and actively promote ways that all Wi-Fi guest are safe and their privacy respected.